Flowing Into Ease (All Levels)

Practice poses with steadiness and ease. Stira is the steadiness, focus, concentration and an attentive mind. Sukha is happiness, comfort and ease. We move and flow into mindfulness based vinyasa and mix it up with gentle releases and restorative postures to learn the true meaning of balance and ease and embodiment on the mat. A Dharmic teaching is presented and embodied in each practice.

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Yoga Mandali

Tuesday: 9:30AM – 11:00AM
Friday: 9:30AM – 11:00AM

Yoga Mandali
454 Broadway
Saratoga Springs, New York

Upcoming Workshops and Events

Shambhala Mountain Center Colorado June 12th-14th

Befriending Your Body: Meeting Your Body as Your Teacher
Ann Saffi Biasetti

June 12–14, 2020
Tuition $195 + 2 nights

The spiritual traditions respect the body as the foundation of awareness and connection to self and other. Your body is full of wisdom and is your greatest teacher.

Join together with other women in this powerful retreat where we will explore the lost, but not forgotten relationship with our bodies through understanding the history of the mind/body divide, and the cultural influences that have left us all in states of disconnection, disempowerment, and disillusion. Together, we will explore embodiment through self-reflection, meditation, and self-compassion practices. Come to cultivate connection, empowerment, self-compassion and the return to your Buddhanature to live fully alive.

Women, including trans women, genderqueer women, and female-identified non-binary people are welcome.

* Participants will develop an understanding of mind/body duality and its influence on self and body image
* Through engagement in gentle, yogic movement we will explore daily embodiment on the mat
* Participants will learn newfound skills of embodiment and self-compassion that they can apply to everyday life
* Participants will learn to quiet the inner critic while reconnecting to inner strength, self-awareness, and authentic connection to others


Kripalu September 20th-25th Sunday-Friday

Befriending Your Body
Freeing Your Relationship with Body, Food, and Self

For all women.

Learn to cultivate a new relationship—one built on internal understanding, respect, and self-compassion—with yourself in this liberating program with Ann Saffi Biasetti. Together, you develop simple skills to make peace with your body, food, and self once and for all.

Create your most empowered life by

  • Understanding the causes of mind-body duality and the sociocultural messages that have had a negative impact on body image
  • Getting back in touch with your internal cues
  • Practicing gentle and restorative yoga for embodied awareness
  • Exploring your relationship with food, learning to meet it in a mindful new way, and how to move away from the diet mentality
  • Discovering your inner strength and fostering authentic connection with others.