I am a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist (CEDS) through IAEDP. I have specialized in working with eating disorders and disordered eating/body image issues for 25 years. My doctoral research was on the role self-compassion played in recovery and healing from an eating disorder. This research, along with the brain-based research knowledge we now have available to us in the field, has informed how I work with my clients. Throughout the years, I have developed a unique style of working with these “dis-orders,” that includes a combination of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, embodiment techniques, and self-compassion practices. I look at eating disorders as a need re-balance the body, mind and self. Therefore, my work is not just about behavioral change but also includes developing and discovering a new relationship with one’s body and self.

The Befriending Your Body (BFYB) Program is now available!

For Information on My Befriending Your Body Program please visit my new website at www.befriendingyourbodyprogram.com

A Little More About Healing

Embodiment (somatic) Skill-Building – Your body is your first gateway to mindfulness.  I will assist you in building skills around stress and anxiety-reduction while opening the door to mindful attention and awareness. You will learn techniques that will help you to regulate emotions and build a communication with your body once again, learning to “be-friend” it. These techniques are based on what we now know from modern day neuroscience and what we have known for years from the world of Eastern practices such as yoga and meditation. I have developed unique interventions to use during each phase of recovery to assist you in containment, emotional regulation and moving forward. These are interventions you can practice at home in between our sessions to begin your path of empowerment.

Interoceptive Awareness  – Interoceptive Awareness, or IA, is one of the most important skills you can learn in recovery to build lasting, not “touch-and-go” recovery. Interoceptive Awareness (IA) is a neuroscience term. Building the brain-based skills of IA engage areas of your brain that have been shut down and mis-firing due to years of disconnect from your body’s signals. Building these skills reconnects you to these areas that are crucial for recovery, emotional regulation, and  self-development. I have been trained in a program of IA called Mindful Awareness Body-Based Therapy (MABT). It is an evidenced-based program created by researcher Cynthia Price, creator of the MAIA (Interoceptive Awareness measurement scale). MABT is a program of building interoceptive awareness skills and helping you to use them in your daily life for ongoing practice in body awareness and life changes.

Self-Compassion – Self-Compassion is the most important skill to build along the path of recovery and in life. It is a primary component to your recovery process and helps you to not just “get recovered” but sustain recovery and full healing. I will teach you the necessary skills of self-compassion that you will need to learn along the way in each stage/phase of your recovery to support letting go of destructive behaviors/habits and invite in self-care.

I am proud to teach the the role of self-compassion in eating disorder recovery within the Self-Compassion In Psychotherapy Program (SCIP) https://scipprogram.com/

Offered through the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion https://centerformsc.org/

Mindfulness –Our work together will include developing awareness skills around more than just behavior. We investigate and become curious about the many illusions that the mind holds, especially in relationship to one’s body and food.


Parental/Family Support  

(Parental and supervision sessions may be done in person or remote)

Is your adolescent/young adult unwilling to receive help at this time?

If your adolescent/young adult is unwilling to seek treatment I encourage you to reach out for support. Often understanding about the disorder and learning new ways to communicate with your loved one helps to create great shifts. I will work with you on determining the need for help, as well as understanding the disorder, communication skills, and interventions you can use to support yourself and your child through this stressful time.

Is your child receiving help and you are finding you need support and are struggling trying to understand this disorder and how to help?

If she/he is receiving services with another provider and you would like support in navigating the recovery path as a parent I will work with you in how to best support your child moving toward recovery and healing.

Therapist Support/Supervision Working with Eating Disorders

I offer professional supervision and guidance to those working with clients with eating disorders. I will assist you in the integration of self-compassion and somatic practices as well as working with your clients through an unique neurobiological lens, helping you to better support your client’s recovery (Read more under Professionals).

Upcoming Presentations:

  • No upcoming presentations. Please check back soon for updates.

Past Presentations/Podcasts:

  • AED Presentation for the Somatic SIG: Embodiment and Self-Compassion, April, 2018
  • AED Professional Webinar on Therapeutic Restorative Yoga December, 2017
  • Gurze Books Podcast : Embodiment Skills in Eating Disorder Recovery – December, 2017
  • Recovery Warriors Food, Body, Love Rally Podcast: The Role of Self-Compassion in Disordered eating and Body Image – November 2017
  • Renfrew National Conference: The Practice of Resting and Digesting: Restorative Yoga in the Treatment of Eating Disorder Recovery – November, 2017
  • Renfrew National Conference: The Practice of Resting and Digesting: Restorative Yoga in the Treatment of Eating Disorder Recovery – November 2017
  • Renfrew National Conference: The Neuroscience of Somatic Intervention in Psychotherapy – November 2015
  • Renfrew National Conference: Poster Presentation of The Self-Compassion Spectrum of Recovery – November 2015
  • Renfrew National Conference 2014- Mindfulness-Based Embodiment for Eating Disorder Recovery

Professional Eating Disorder Memberships

  • AED (Academy of Eating Disorders) SIG (Special Interest Groups) Recovery and Somatics. Ann is currently the co-chair of the AED Somatic SIG
  • IDEAP (International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals)
  • USABP (United State Association of Body Psychotherapy)