There are now two ways to engage in the Befriending Your Body Program!

1) Purchase the online program to engage in, on your own, at your own pace. Once the program is purchased it is yours to keep referencing back to whenever you wish!

2) Join me virtually as I teach and guide the full 8-week program! You will have my expertise along with the support of others along the way (See dates below for the next virtual program)

The Befriending Your Body Program (BFYB) ™ ® is a unique 8-week Somatic Self-Compassion Recovery program teaching you the skills of embodiment and self-compassion for disordered eating and making peace with your body, food and self!

This somatic program is the first of its kind, grounded in the polyvagal theory and the evidenced-based practices of Interoceptive Awareness, self-compassion, and mindfulness.

This program is a unique psycho-educational program based on the brain-based knowledge of eating disorders and the world of neuroscience. This program will offer you a new view on recovery and help you to develop a new respectful and trusting relationship with your body, food, and self for integrated and lasting healing and freedom within your body and from the constraints of Diet Culture.

The program is based on my book, Befriending Your Body: A Self-Compassionate Approach to Freeing Yourself From Disordered Eating. Each week you will engage in a lecture by me as I teach you the primary principles of each phase of recovery and a new view along with guided somatic practices and self-reflections to build the necessary skill of embodiment in each phase to move you forward in your self-discovery, and your relationship with your body and food.

Through learning necessary somatic skills, and self-compassion, you will gain:

1)    Greater emotion regulation and self-discovery

2)    Knowledge about the internal workings of your body and nervous system

3)    Discover a “new language” about your body from the inside out which, in turn, helps you to grow true self-care and intuitive knowledge.

4)    How internal knowledge assists you in regulating the tough emotions, such as anxiety, fear and shame, that block recovery and keep you stuck.

5)    And how the powerful skills and practice of self-compassion can help soothe the toughest moments within your nervous system, your emotions and thoughts to keep you moving forward.

This program was developed through my doctoral research, the writing of my book, a pilot study on the program, and over 30 years of clinical knowledge and expertise working with those struggling with disordered eating and body image issues.

I am so excited to bring this new integrated form of recovery out into the world. The skills you will learn can be integrated alongside any other recovery program you may be doing. You will learn to never leave your body or self behind again!

Befriending Your Body: A Self-Compassionate Approach to Freeing Yourself From Disordered Eating is the companion book to the program. Please purchase the book ahead of time and plan to read a chapter a week along with the program.

I am a member of ASDAH (Association of size diversity and health) and this program follows the HAES guidelines and principles within the recovery framework. For more information, please visit their website here:


$399.99 ($50 of every full price purchase goes towards offering a free program to a participant)
or $349.99
August’s Program is full. Please email me to preregister for the next program which begins Wednesday, January 4th- February 22nd 3-5pm EDT!

ONLINE (self-guided) PROGRAM

Cost: $299.99 (limited scholarships available for the online version only. Please email me for info.)

Purchase the Online Program Here:

*Professionals looking to train in the BFYB Program MUST participate in the virtual program to qualify for the Level 2 training.


I’m so excited to announce the long-awaited Befriending Your Body (BFYB) Advanced Skills Group!

This 8-month group is open to anyone who has completed a BFYB Virtual Program (with myself or any other BFYB teacher) or my self-paced Online Course. This is a once a month, 8-month commitment. Sorry, no drop-ins.

We will meet once a month on Thursdays 4-5:30pm EST for 8 months beginning October 27th 2022.

The BFYB Advanced Skills Training is designed to take you back into the most important somatic self-compassion skills you learned in each week of the BFYB Program, only on a deeper level now. You will have my expertise and the support of one another to guide you into advanced skills to deepen embodiment through interoceptive awareness and self-compassion training that will assist you in continuing
your path of building relationship with your body and food.

At the end of each group, you will receive a recording of the guided practice to work with for the month.

Self-Investment for the full 8-month program $320


*Scholarships are not available for this program at this time*

Dates we meet and the details of each group are as follows:

October 27th– Deepening Interoceptive Awareness practice for body literacy
Working with the states of our autonomic nervous system

November 17th- Learning to soften and soothe sensation through sustained focus
Working somatically with tough emotions

December 15th- Building the Window of Tolerance in both emotion and sensation
Body Forgiveness practice and inquiry part 1

January 19th- Embodied Cognition and Emotions
Body Forgiveness practice and inquiry part 2

February 16th- Deepening embodied self-compassion with Interoceptive Awareness focus
Body Forgiveness practice and inquiry part 3

March 23rd- Mindful Awareness Body Therapy (MABT) practice for softening
Working with set-backs

April 20th- Mindful Awareness Body Therapy (MABT) practice
Deepening your relationship with food

May 18th- Embodied movement practice
Metta- Deepening Loving-Kindness practice

Latest Testimonials

  • "BFYB is truly essential for anyone looking for a loving way to heal the relationship with the body and food. Taking parts of neurobiology, compassion and philosophy - Ann lovingly guided us through the content - which was approachable but eye opening as well. If you've looked through all the clinical approaches and feel there are some missing parts of the puzzle - this is what you've been looking for - thanks so much Ann!"

  • "I have grown ten-fold in awareness and have developed a kind, positive relationship with my body."

  • "Within two weeks of starting the program, my depression lifted. The knowledge that this is a nervous system issue was a catalyst for opening the door to not blaming myself for behaviors that were not aligned with advocating for myself. The self-compassion that followed and the action I have been able to take on my behalf has completely changed my quality of life."

  • "I am starting to appreciate, respect and love my body as I did as a girl. What a beautiful gift! Even at 60! It feels like: "Hello body, please forgive me! I'm here for you now. I promise to pay attention and give you all the love and care you need and so well deserve.""

  • "The BFYB Program has helped me understand the need to soothe and calm my nervous system and to pay attention to my body's signals for what it needs. I am now resting more, eating better, and moving in ways that make me feel good! The program is educational, instructional and supportive. Ann is a wonderful teacher who embodies compassion and kindness. The lessons on interoceptive awareness and self-compassion have been the keys that have unlocked the door to recognizing what I need and want and have brought me back to my authentic self."

  • "I cannot say enough about Ann and this program. I thought I knew a lot about embodiment and self-compassion but through Ann's teaching, her book, and especially the practices, I was able to take these concepts from my mind into my body and deep experiences that have changed my life forever. Through true embodiment and self-compassion I will continue to heal and embrace nourishing behaviors as my self-worth continues to grow through what I have learned in BFYB."

  • "It is amazing how disconnected I had become from my body even with a regular yoga practice and training.  I appreciated the personal historical review of this process and how, in turn, this helped me to reconnect with my body.  Re-learning how to listen to the body is essential.  The program was built with a strong foundation; it is methodical yet fluid and organic allowing for growth and revisiting different aspects or phases of healing at any time.  I am grateful that I took these steps so that I could begin to live within embodiment."

  • The Befriending Your Body course has given me the tools to enhance my body mind connection. It has also given me tools I can share with clients who are struggling with issues relating to eating disorders and body image. I am a mental health care provider and I have shared Anne's book with numerous clients. The feedback and progress are so positive. My clients range in age from 18 to 65, the exercises and meditations resonate with all age groups. By identifying our own needs Anne enables us to address and repair our thoughts regarding self, food and body image. We are taken on a journey of self forgiveness which allows us to re-train our thought process allowing self compassion. We are taught not just "fixing" a problem, but living a more fulfilled life. The expectations are realistic, allowing for our fears and setbacks to be accepted, acknowledged and worked on. I look forward to ongoing self compassion for myself and my clients.