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52 cards with simple, in-the-moment mindfulness and embodiment practices to increase your sense of well-being, self-confidence, and connection to others in your daily life.

Compassion is the internal, felt wish to alleviate the suffering of another. In the spiritual traditions, it is often described as a “trembling of the heart” in response to another’s suffering. We all know what it is like to feel this deep wish to care for and comfort someone we love, such as a dear friend, especially when they are in pain. Can you ever imagine beginning to integrate and offer this wish to yourself? Can you imagine learning how to meet yourself as a dear friend, especially during your own moments of suffering, and learn how to comfort, soothe, and release the pain? Learning to tend to your own suffering with gentleness and loving-kindness is self-compassion.

The Awakening Self-Compassion Cards offer a clear and actionable program of self-compassion, mindfulness, and embodiment practices that will resonate with anyone who wants to cultivate more confidence and agency in their life. Transpersonal psychologist and licensed clinical social worker Ann Saffi Biasetti has crafted each card to offer a new slogan to help you understand an embodied sense, work with it, and follow the guided questions and mantras you need to further unpack and tailor the slogan to your unique needs. Some of the slogans you will be working with include: “Staying Present Is Compassionate Progress,” “Becoming a Friend to Yourself,” “Re-Framing a Tough Moment,” and “Permission Over Perfection.” This easy-to-use card deck will help you retrain yourself to act with self-compassion, unlearn destructive habits, and ultimately set you on the path to staying grounded in the face of fear, uncertainty, and self-doubt.

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