*NEW DATES* The Next BFYB Certification Training Will Take Place In February 2022. Please See Registration Information Below

Next Training:
February 3rd 3-5pm EST (meet and greet)
4th-6th 9-5pm EST and
11th-13th 9-5 EST
Registration for the Level 2 certification will open December 2021.

The level 2 six-day training (broken into 2 long weekends, full day Friday-Sunday and a meet and greet the first Thursday evening).


Learn how to teach this unique 8-week therapeutic program based on the brain-based knowledge of eating disorders and the world of neuroscience.

You will learn why the evidenced-based skills of interoceptive awareness, embodiment and self-compassion are critical to long-term recovery and how to properly deliver these skills in a safe and effective way. This somatic-based training will prepare you to deliver this program in a group format or by coaching your client through it individually.

You will gain an understanding of Polyvagal Theory and how the somatic and brain-based skills of interoceptive awareness, mindfulness, and self-compassion, help your clients learn emotional regulation from the inside out. Their body will become a primary source of information and emotional regulation. They will develop the skills necessary to reduce fear and anxiety and learn how to work with and prevent getting stuck in self-harming and self-critical cycles.

This training is open to all clinicians, dieticians, and certified eating disorder coaches to be offered out individually, into your community, or within your treatment program as this program can be integrated alongside any other theoretical framework.

This program was developed through my doctoral research on self-compassion, my book Befriending Your Body, a pilot study on the program, and over 28 years of clinical knowledge working with those struggling with disordered eating and body image issues.

Your clients will develop a new respectful and trusting relationship with their body, food and self for integrated and lasting healing and freedom!

What you will gain:

    • An in-depth understanding of interoceptive awareness and brain-based knowledge regarding eating disorders and your client’s nervous system.
    • Learn how to effectively intervene in their sympathetic response and what skills and interventions work to regulate that and why
    • How to teach your clients about their inner body (nervous system and brain) so that you are no longer just discussing image
    • How to take an assessment and intake of their “body’s history” and their relationship with it to help them move forward into re-establishing a new one
    • Learn skills that reconnect and re-establish brain-body signals for a deeper connection to self and full recovery
    • Learn a unique and new systematic delivery method of self-compassion.
    • Learn why our clients need it to be a different delivery method of self-compassion and what that is and the “how” to deliver.
    • Explore skills of self-compassion and how self-compassion sustains recovery through action and responsibility
    • You receive a fully executed manual with detailed word-for-word description of the practices and teachings week by week to guide your clients through.
    • Learn how to deliver the skills both in a group format or individually
    • An understanding of Polyvagal Theory and how the BFYB Program and interventions are guided by the theory
    • Why a trauma-sensitive approach is so important for our clients

There are two levels to the full certification process. Level 1 and Level 2

Level 1 

Partake in one of my virtual BFYB Programs held through Zoom. You will join as a participant, and work through the program personally, along with others, so you can personally embody and experience the work.

Because the work is experiential it is VERY important that you, as a practitioner, are willing to explore and feel what the practices are like for yourself before you can effectively train and give these off to another.

Wednesday, January 5th- February 23rd 3-5 pm EST
Please email me to pre-register in advance and to hold a guaranteed spot.
** Please note, the February Certification program is now full. The next certification dates will be announced soon.**

Level 2- Certification Process

The level 2 six-day training (broken into 2 long weekend training, full day Friday-Sunday and a meet and greet the first Thursday evening)

Registration for the February Level 2 certification will open December 2021

Certification requires the completion of the training and follow-up group supervision sessions.

After the completion of the training you will be required to participate in three, once a month, hour-long Zoom Group Supervision Sessions for final certification. Dates and times to be arranged with the group.

In this training you will learn about brain-based recovery and the evidenced-based practices that guide the program; the practice and delivery of the psycho-educational material, and the delivery of the practices and program.

After the completion of the training you will be required to participate in three, once a month, hour-long Zoom Group Supervision Sessions for final certification. Dates and times to be arranged with the group.


  • Level 1:
    • $299.99 for the 8-week virtual program
  • Level 2 Certification:
    • $1,300 includes a fully guided manual. Access to the online lectures will be made available two weeks before the training begins and you will have access to the material for three months after the start date.
  • Three Group Supervision Sessions:
    • $120

$1,420 for the full BFYB Professional Certification Status (includes a listing on my website and BFYB Certification logo for marketing)


  • The BFYB teacher training program has significantly affected me both as an individual and a therapist. Through the training I have a stronger understanding of the mind and body connection and how important it is to utilize both in order to work through a multiple of different struggles. I have found, since completing the program, that I utilize the practices and the teaching points for not only eating disorders but also anxiety, depression, and trauma. I have seen both understanding and connection to the materials with my clients as well as a change in behaviors and self-compassion. This training has definitely helped to strengthen my skills as a therapist and I believe I will continue to utilize the teachings for many years to come.

    S.A.- Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • As a dietitian who works with clients who struggle with disordered eating and diagnosed eating disorders, this work changes everything. It provides practitioners with a deeply meaningful, evidence-based education that can help clients develop critical skills that can assist them as they work through their challenges with food, eating and their bodies. This radically beautiful program encompasses a step by step approach to healing. It is intentionally laid out, provides important education about the brain and body,and offers a deep level of healing through the door of self-compassion and embodiment. I cannot say enough positive things about this work. It is life-changing for everyone who has a body. The two levels of training provided meaningful opportunities for professional and personal growth. Participating in the level one training was critical for developing an experiential understanding of the practices and in gaining a personal appreciation of the work as it unfolded. The level two training provided practical experience with delivering education and feedback in appropriate ways. In addition, it taught the nuances of the work and the history of the research behind the program. If you work with clients who struggle with their bodies, this training is a must!

    E.R.- Registered Dietitian
  • I was ready and able to experience my body’s knowledge in a deeper way, increasing my awareness that the knowledge was always there. I’m very grateful to have learned how to access this knowledge on my own terms. I have been able to integrate into my own life daily, noticing my organ functions and more actively and checking into this connection with my mood and thinking patterns. I have started to integrate the knowledge of interoceptive awareness with my clients, I can see it working very well in the primary care setting and am looking forward to integrating it into my work and the possibility of its use with minority clients.

    D.A.- Licensed Clinical Social Worker