Eating Disorder Supervision:

As a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist I offer both individual and small group supervision on the use of innovative treatment for eating disorder recovery which includes:

  • Integration of Somatic Interventions
  • Learning how to bring your client’s body into the room
  • The language of self-compassion and how to integrate the interventions of self-compassion appropriately during the recovery process
  • Working with your clients through the lens of the Polyvagal Theory
  • Begin to treat and understand your client’s nervous system
  • Self-Compassion in Psychotherapy Supervision

Self-Compassion In Psychotherapy Supervision

I offer both individual and small group supervision specializing in the integration of self-compassion techniques and language into psychotherapy sessions, especially when working with trauma.

As a teacher and trainer in the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion, I have supervised clinicians on the integration of self-compassion into psychotherapy while working with a variety of client cases. Learn how:

  • Re-frame your sessions through self-compassion
  • Self-compassion interventions and embodiment work together
  • How to deliver appropriate self-compassionate interventions in ways your clients can receive and manage them
  • Understand the relationship between self-compassion and the nervous system
  • Create a new relational field through the co-regulating aspects of self-compassion in your sessions
  • How self-compassion can help you as the practitioner

In person or Zoom sessions

Individual Supervision
hour-long sessions: $150
Small group sessions
Gather 3-4 colleagues for group supervision session
90 min. $130 per person


  • "I have been receiving supervision from Ann Saffi Biasetti since the fall of 2018. I initially reached out to Ann for supervision for working with the Eating Disorder population as she is well known as an expert in the Saratoga Springs community. Since working with her she has helped educate me about not only the science and emotions behind eating disorders and disordered eating but also sensations that people can feel within their bodies. Ann has shown me ways to help people stay grounded in their bodies when they are feeling challenged by the eating disorder voice as well as ways to help people to feel more empowered in their bodies. She is always open to my questions and gives both knowledgeable and thoughtful feedback. I highly recommend Ann."

    Stephanie Armor LCSW Saratoga Springs, NY
  • "Supervision with Dr. Ann has been one of the most valuable professional investments that I have made in my career. As a Clinical Psychologist, I wanted to expand my approach beyond psychodynamic theory and mindfulness. Dr. Biasetti's expertise in the area of embodiment psychotherapy and mindful compassion, along with her many years of experience as a therapist, greatly enhanced my work. Dr. Biasetti's emphasis on compassion and felt somatic experience helped me to see a new path toward healing and lasting visible change in the individuals I work with. I highly recommend her to any psychotherapist, regardless of specialization."

    Janine Rizzo Chalif PhD, Long Island, NY