Next Level 2 Training Taking Place Early 2022!
Look out for registration coming later this year.

Level 2 Restorative Teacher training is open for those who have completed the Level 1 training in restorative yoga. This training emphasizes mind/body therapeutics and working 1:1 with clients. A great emphasis is placed on embodiment and the development of presence in the teacher-client relationship.

It is open to those who have completed the level one training. It is designed to:

  • Further develop your eye, voice, touch and intention in working both individually and in a class setting
  • Further develop your understanding of the Doshas/Koshas in restorative poses
  • Develop dynamic use of props to address individual needs/special populations
  • Learn to effectively work 1:1 with students developing individualized sequences based on need.
  •  Learn therapeutic sequences to address mind/body connection, anxiety, depression, and stress reduction.
  •  Explore working with mind/body integration.
  • Learn and understand proper boundaries of care
  • Learn therapeutic poses and creative restorative poses.
  • Deepen presence with a client and effective communication.

In addition to the group training, students will be required to complete an at home project which consists of working with a client 1:1 for 6 weeks. This is a required project for final certification. This training is held in Saratoga Springs, NY at Yoga Mandali studio or may be arranged at your studio. Please call for details.

A nonrefundable $150 deposit is due at time of registration to secure your spot. Training is limited to 10 participants.

Cancellation Policy:

A nonrefundable $150 deposit is due at time of registration (included in full payment amount).  Full payment is due two weeks prior to the training start date.  Cancellations made after this time (within the two weeks prior to start date) or after the start date, will result in NO refunds.

For more information please contact Ann directly at or 518 894-8344


  • I learned so much from Ann's restorative yoga teacher training, it seems like far more than two weekends worth. The pace and volume of information was great, with ample time for class discussion and hands on practice. By the end of training and project completion, I felt fully equipped to integrate restorative yoga in my classes. Adding this layer has deepened my personal practice, and transformed my service as a conduit of wellness for others.

  • I have taken two prior 200 hr YTT programs. In each school I gained valuable tools to help me become a solid teacher. There was something significantly different about Dr. Biasetti's restorative TT. It was empowering, intelligent, and gave me the knowledge to teach a smart, beneficial class. Ann is a forward thinker in her approach and delivery of restorative yoga. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone more knowledgeable and passionate about this practice."

  • Through taking restorative yoga with Ann I learned new and different ways of looking at an individual body in order to recognize both physical and energetic qualities that I had not been aware of before. It feels as if I have been to a really good eye doctor who finally put the correct lenses in my glasses after years of blurry vision. I realized there was so much information available to me that I just wasn't seeing before. My new 'lenses' are invaluable to me as a yoga teacher and as a mother."

  • "Ann's passion for restorative yoga is infectious. After her training I felt energized and ready to integrate her teachings into my personal practice, my yoga teaching and my life."

  • "Ann's training has been an amazing asset to my knowledge and teaching of restorative yoga. Ann is an amazing instructor/trainer who shares her knowledge and benefits of this practice on a deep, detailed level. As an instructor, I feel confident to share this practice with my clients."

  • Ann has a way of integrating complex information and setting the stage for trainees to learn more than they realized within the training weekends, and prepare them well to become solid practitioners. She is exceptionally talented and knowledgeable in this beautiful art of restorative yoga. We are fortunate to have her as our teacher, mentor and guide.

  • Prepare to learn to teach a beautiful and transformative work but also prepare to be transformed yourself in how you relate to your body, in your awareness of self, and in how to become more present every day.