I am happy to work with you in customizing and creating a program to suit your organization’s needs. Below are some of the current programs I offer:

Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) Program

Host an 8-week MSC training at your workplace as part of employee health and wellness!

Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) is a well-researched and effective 8-week program developed by Drs. Chris Germer and Kristin Neff. This class helps participants develop the habits of being kinder to ourselves and others, and living with more ease and well-being in our daily life. Mindful self-compassion is a first step in emotional healing. We learn to be-friend oneself, and acknowledge our difficult thoughts and feelings with a spirit of openness, curiosity and love, rather than self-judgment, or self-criticism.

Research has shown that self-compassion greatly enhances one’s overall emotional well-being. It boosts resilience, happiness, reduces anxiety and depression. MSC can be learned by anyone. It’s the practice of recognizing moments of difficulty, and repeatedly evoking good will toward ourselves. It extends cultivation of that same desire beyond ourselves to all living beings promoting good-will and healthier relationships.


I also offer workshops on the teaching of mindfulness, mindfulness meditation, and embodiment.

Eating Disorder Training

As an eating disorder specialist, I also teach in-services and workshops on the following:

Eating disorder awareness

Prevention and early signs

Recovery and the training of self-compassion and embodiment skills


Sacred Women’s Circle- This workshop may be arranged at your studio/location

A Gathering for Women

A 2.5 hour workshop where we create a safe space to explore the history of the mind/body divide and the role of the female body in our culture. Come to discuss how we have lost the embodied connection, especially as women, and the influence our society has on this. This is open to all women, with or without the experience of disordered eating.

We hold space to practice some of the embodied self-compassionate practices from my book to explore your journey of building relationship and compassion with your body

Coming Soon! Professional training in the Befriending Your Body (BFYB) Program (read details under for Professionals)

Coming Soon! A new Restorative Yoga Training Program for Mental Health Professionals! (read details under for Professionals and Yoga Training)