This 8-week program is a unique therapeutic program based on the brain-based knowledge of eating disorders and the world of neuroscience. Your clients will develop a new respectful and trusting relationship with their body, food and self for integrated and lasting healing and freedom! Through building the body-based and brain-based skills of interoceptive awareness, mindfulness, and the regulatory skills of self-compassion, your clients will learn emotional regulation from the inside out. Their body will become a primary source of information and emotional regulation. They will develop the skills necessary to reduce fear and anxiety and learn how to work with and prevent getting stuck in self-harming and self-critical cycles.

This training will be open to all clinicians, dieticians, and certified eating disorder coaches. You will be trained in the delivery of this 8-week program to be offered out into your community or within your treatment program.

This program was developed through my doctoral research, the writing of my book, a pilot study on the program, and over 27 years of clinical knowledge working with those struggling with disordered eating and body image issues. I am so excited to bring this training out into the world. This program can be integrated alongside any other theoretical framework.

This is a two-level training:

Level 1- Purchase and personally engage in the BFYB 8-week Program
When completed please send a one-page write-up (no more than 500 words) on your personal experience and discoveries while going through the program along with any changes/shifts you have made in your own life. Also include your credentials and tell me about your experience in working with the eating disorder population and your intention for training in this program.

Level 2- BFYB Certification Training
An in-person 5-day training. Location and dates for 2020 will be listed soon. The first training will be held in a New York location