NEW!! Yoga Therapeutics Mindfulness-Based Embodiment Training for Mental Health Providers- Level 2 Certification (Pre-requisite– Level 1 restorative yoga TT)

This comprehensive training for certification includes full training of the specific interventions of Mindfulness-Based Embodiment ™, the verbal dialogue of MBE and how to guide a client through a full, embodied, awareness practice that leads to deep insight and change.

Mindfulness-Based Embodiment ™ is somatic psychotherapy training for mental health providers based on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness and yoga therapeutics. You will learn the foundations of mindfulness as experienced through the embodied door, along with techniques of embodiment and somatic psychotherapy that are “hands-off” interventions accessible in psychotherapy practice with all clients as well as a fit into already existing theoretical frameworks.

In this training, you will learn the following:

  • The development of a personal practice. It’s importance and impact
  • The role of the body in somatic psychotherapy
  • The foundations of mindfulness and how to embody these foundations
  • Interventions of mindfulness-based embodiment, its application and use
  • Proper application of the restorative yoga poses learned in level 1for specific intervention and when to incorporate them
  • Explore the role of presence in the therapeutic relationship
  • How to properly attend to the communication and cues of the body
  • The boundaries of an experiential embodied session such as, when to incorporate into a session, when to end
  • Verbal guiding and the specific dialogue used during the somatic process
  • How to process the experience
  • Closure of a session

COST: $1,500 for the full workshop held in Saratoga Springs, NY or arranged at your location.
A 5-day training (Wednesday-Sunday) Wednesday 12-5; Thurs.-Saturday 9-5; Sunday 9-3

For certification, participants will be required to work with two clients in video-taped sessions for mentorship and supervision.