I have created this somatic training program for mental health professionals/coaches who are looking for practical skills to use to engage their clients in body awareness and deepening skills of embodiment that can fit into already existing theoretical frameworks and are “hands-off” interventions. This program was born from my extensive training and experience in the world of psychotherapy, mindfulness, and somatic work. I have 24 years experience as a clinical psychotherapist, am a certified yoga teacher, trainer, and yoga therapist. I hold a certificate in mindfulness and am an MSC (mindful self-compassion) teacher.

The program consists of two level trainings. The first, Level 1, is open to all mental health professionals. The emphasis in the level one is on the introduction to mindfulness through the embodied door and deepening your own personal practice. You will explore basic principles of embodiment, embodied cognition, and interoceptive awareness, and learn skill sets applicable with clients immediately after training. You will also learn various restorative yoga postures used to teach and deepen the embodied experience. The emphasis is on deepening self-awareness and therefore requires you to engage with the material extensively for the training period along with participating with others to develop relational mindfulness skills and presence.

Level 2 will be offered in the fall and consists of delving deeper into embodied work, including eyeing embodied states of being (ESB) and the common themes around these, how to lead a client through a full MBE session, the role of the therapist, deepening presence, verbal guidance used, the processing of the experience and the closure of a session. This level, upon completion, includes six follow-up group support sessions.


Mindfulness-Based Embodiment ™ is a somatic training for mental health providers looking to learn techniques of embodiment and somatic psychotherapy that are “hands-off” approaches and therefore accessible in psychotherapy practice with all clients. The level one training is a personal introduction to the theoretical framework of embodied work as well as an introduction into beginning application in both personal and professional use.

Level One Training: Coming soon! Call for dates
A 4 day training (Thursday evening-Sunday) whereby you will learn the following:

  • What embodiment is and the role of the body in somatic psychotherapy
  • The neuroscience of embodiment
  • The foundations of mindfulness and how to embody these foundations
  • Interventions of mindfulness-based embodiment, its application and use
  • Foundational restorative yoga poses used in deepening the embodied experience (no yoga training/experience necessary)
  • How to incorporate the work into current programming and theoretical frameworks.
  • The development of a personal practice. It’s importance and impact
  • Preparation for the level two-certificate program

COST: $600 for the full workshop held in Saratoga Springs, NY. Training begins on Thursday at noon and ends each day at 5pm except Sunday, which ends at 3pm.

LOCATION: One Big Roof, Center for Mindful Practices, is located at 538 Maple Avenue, Saratoga Health & Wellness Building
(across from the Maple Avenue Middle School, just off Route 50). Enter at the rear of the building.

Register by calling Ann Saffi Biasetti at 518 894-8344. A deposit of $200 is due upon registration. Registration deadline is March 25, 2016.

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A 5-day training (Wednesday-Sunday)

This comprehensive training for certification includes full training of the specific interventions of Mindfulness-Based Embodiment ™, the verbal dialogue of MBE and how to guide a client through a full, embodied, awareness practice. You will learn the following:

  • Exploring the role of presence in the therapeutic relationship
  • The experiential interventions of MBE and how and when to introduce them to a client
  • Attending to the communication and cues of the body
  • Learning how and when to use basic yoga therapeutic postures for anxiety, depression, and embodiment experience; benefits of each pose; physiology and metaphysical benefits
  • When to incorporate therapeutic postures
  • The boundaries of an experiential embodied session such as, when to incorporate into a psychotherapy session, when to end
  • Verbally guiding a client through a full embodied experience for awareness and insight
  • How to process the experience
  • Closure of a session

Trainings are held in Saratoga Springs New York. This training begins on Wednesday morning at 9am and ends each day at 5pm except Sunday, which ends at 3pm.

Arrangements may be made for onsite trainings of each level for large enough groups. Please call to arrange dates and times.

COST: $1000

With completion of this training, graduates will receive a certificate of training in MBE ™ and 6 mentorship follow-up group sessions by conference call or/skype.